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It's Federal Report time!

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What is the Federal Report?
The Federal Report is a document we turn in to the federal government that demonstrates what we have accomplished in the past year. In turn, we receive funding. Think of the Federal Report as our chance to show off the public value of our programs to the federal government.

When is the Federal Report data due?

Federal Report data is due to Whitney Meredith by Monday, February 10.

What do you need to do to prepare?

I will be sending program team leaders specific requests for the Federal Report. Coordinating how you gather the requested data with the rest of your program team(s) will be the greatest challenge. Please put some thought on how to best approach this.
In order to help your program team(s) get the data ready, you should have the following information about your program(s) ready to go:

  • Target audience
  • # events
  • # direct contacts with adults
  • # direct contacts with youth
  • # nonwhite participants
  • # indirect contacts with adults (newsletter subscribers, website traffic)
  • # volunteers
  • # publications
  • % achieved significant learning gains in targeted knowledge areas
  • % reporting change in targeted practices/behaviors
  • Success stories illustrating quantitative results

Some programs have additional outputs and outcomes to report, which your program team leader will be made aware of. Also, we recognize that gathering this data may be difficult. Your best estimates will suffice.

What's in it for you?
Gather this data to learn how your program is measuring up to your goals. You can potentially use the data to shape your plan of work, to start a discussion with your program team on how to improve your program, or to show off your program's accomplishments to key stakeholders.

-Whitney Meredith, evaluation specialist

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