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Faculty journal appearances

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Congratulations to the following faculty (in bold) from our Center who have had their work published since the start of 2014.

Bandrick, M., Ariza-Nieto, C., Baidoo, S.K., & Molitor, T.W. (2014). Colostral antibody-mediated and cell-mediated immunity contributes to innate and antigen-specific immunity in piglets. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, pp. 114-120.

Baker, J.M., Fassbinder, J., & Lamb, J.A. (2014). The impact of corn stover removal on N2O emission and soil respiration: an investigation with automated chambers. BioEnergy Research.

Bjorklund, E.A., Heins, B.J., DiCostanzo, A., & Chester-Jones, H. (2014). Growth, carcass characteristics, and profitability of organic versus conventional dairy beef steers. Journal of Dairy Science, pp. 1817-1827.

Bjorklund, E.A., Heins, B.J., DiCostanzo, A., & Chester-Jones, H. (2014). Fatty acid profiles, meat quality, and sensory attributes of organic versus conventional dairy beef steers. Journal of Dairy Science, pp. 1828-1834.

Casler, M.D. , Undersander, D.J., Papadopolous, Y.A., Bittman, S., Hunt, D., Mathison, R.D., Min, D.H., Robins, J.G., Cherney, J.H., Acharya, S.N., Belesky, D.P., Bowley, S.R., Coulman, B.E., Drapeau, R., Ehlke, N.J., Hall, M.H., Leep, R.H., Michaud, R., Rowsell, J., Shewmaker, G.E., Teutsch, C.D., & Coblentz, W.K. (2014). Sparse-flowering orchardgrass represents an improvement in forage quality during reproductive growth. Crop Science, pp. 421-429.

Johnson, J.M.F., Novak, J.M., Varvel, G.E., Stott, D.E., Osborne, S.L., Karlen, D.L., Lamb, J.A., Baker, J., & Adler, P.R. (2014). Crop residue mass needed to maintain soil organic carbon levels: can it be determined? BioEnergy Research.

Kaiser, D.E., Wiersma, J.J., & Anderson, J.A. (2014). Genotype and environment variation in elemental composition of spring wheat flag leaves. Agronomy Journal, pp. 324-336.

Karlen, D.L., Birrell, S.J., Johnson, J.M.F., Osborne, S.L., Schumacher, T.E., Varvel, G.E., Ferguson, R.B., Novak, J.M., Fredrick, J.R., Baker, J.M., Lamb, J.A., Adler, P.R., Roth, G.W., & Nafziger, E.D. (2014). Multilocation corn stover harvest effects on crop yields and nutrient removal. BioEnergy Research.

Scheffler, J.M., McCann, M.A., Greiner, S.P., Jiang, H., Hanigan, M.D., Bridges, G.A , Lake, S.L., & Gerrard, D.E. (2014). Early metabolic imprinting events increase marbling scores in fed cattle. Journal of Animal Science, pp. 320-324.

Song, R., Chen, C., Johnston, L.J., Kerr, B.J., Weber, T.E., & Shurson, G.C. (2014). Effects of feeding diets containing highly peroxidized distillers dried grains with solubles and increasing vitamin E levels to wean-finish pigs on growth performance, carcass characteristics, and pork fat composition. Journal of Animal Science, pp. 198-210.

Wilson, E.W., Rowntree, S.C., Suhre, J.J., Weidenbenner, N.H., Conley, S.P., Davis, V.M., Diers, B.W., Esker, P.D., Naeve, S.L., Specht, J.E., & Casteel, S.N. (2014). Genetic gain × management interactions in soybean: II. nitrogen utilization. Crop Science, pp. 340-348.

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Recently published

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Congratulations to Gary Hachfeld, David Bau, Rob Holcomb, and Bill Craig, regional educators in Agricultural Business Management, on their February 2013 Journal of Extension article. "Multiple Year Extension Program Outcomes and Impacts Through Evaluation" illustrates how starting a program with the end in mind can provide meaningful and measurable outcomes and impacts across years. Read the article here.

-Tim Arlt, program leader, Ag Business Management and South Local Positions

Diomy Zamora, Charlies Blinn, Dave Chura, Eli Sagor, Larry Coyle, and Grant Domke published an article in the Journal of Extension titled "Converting Face-to-Face Curricula for Online Delivery: Lessons Learned from a Biomass Harvesting Guidelines Curriculum." Read the article.

Journal of Extension publication

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David Wilsey, Julie Miedtke, and Eli Sagor (Forestry) published an article in the Journal of Extension titled "The Minnesota Maple Series: Community-Generated Knowledge Delivered Through an Extension Website." Read the article.

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