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Faculty journal appearances

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Congratulations to the following specialists and educators from our Center who have had their work published in the last two months.

Buckley, F., Lopez-Villalobos, N., & Heins, B.J. (2014). Crossbreeding: Implications for dairy cow fertility and survival. Animal, pp.122-133.

Diffendorfer, J.E., Loomis, J.B., Ries, L., Oberhauser, K., Lopez-Hoffman, L., Semmens, D., Semmens, B., Butterfield, B., Bagstad, K., Goldstein, J., Wiederholt, R., Mattsson, B., & Thogmartin, W.E. (2014). National valuation of monarch butterflies indicates an untapped potential for incentive-based conservation. Conservation Letters, pp.253-262.

Endres, M.I., Lobeck-Luchterhand, K.M., Espejo, L.A., & Tucker, C.B. (2014). Evaluation of the sample needed to accurately estimate outcome-based measurements of dairy welfare on farm. Journal of Dairy Science, pp.3523-3530.

Guarino, H., Moura, J., Cox, R., Goyal, S., & Patnayak, D. (2014). Survival of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in fresh pork. Acta Veterinaria Hungarica, pp.257-263.

Hachfeld, G.A. (2014). The Sponsorship Model: Leveraging Extension Program Funds, Building Local Community Collaborations. Journal of Extension.

Hurley, T.M., Rao, X., & Pardey, P.G. (2014). Re-examining the reported rates of return to food and agricultural research and development. American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Impullitti, A.E. & Malvick, D.K. (2014). Anatomical response and infection of soybean during latent and pathogenic infection by type A and B of Phialophora gregata. PLoS ONE.

Kamanga-Sollo, E., Thornton, K.J., White, M.E., & Dayton, W.R. (2014). Role of G protein-coupled estrogen receptor-1, matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9, and heparin binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor in estradiol-17β-stimulated bovine satellite cell proliferation. Domestic Animal Endocrinology, pp.20-26.

Kastendick, D.N., Palik, B.J., Zenner, E.K., Kolka, R.K., Blinn, C.R., & Kragthorpe, J.J. (2014). Regeneration responses in partially-harvested riparian management zones in northern Minnesota. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, pp.556-564.

Koch, R.L. & Pahs, T. (2014). Species composition, abundance, and seasonal dynamics of stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in Minnesota soybean fields. Environmental Entomology.

Liu, P., Chen, C., Kerr, B.J., Weber, T.E., Johnston, L.J., & Shurson, G.C. (2014). Influence of thermally-oxidized vegetable oils and animal fats on growth performance, liver gene expression, and liver and serum cholesterol and triglycerides in young pigs. Journal of Animal Science, pp.2971-2979.

Liu, P., Kerr, B.J., Chen, C., Weber, T.E., Johnston, L.J. & Shurson, G.C. (2014). Influence of thermally-oxidized vegetable oils and animal fats on energy and nutrient digestibility in young pigs. Journal of Animal Science.

Lobeck-Luchterhand, K.M., Silva, P.R.B., Chebel, R.C., & Endres, M.I. (2014). Effect of prepartum grouping strategy on displacements from the feed bunk and feeding behavior of dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, pp.2800-2807.

Malima, G., Blomquist, R., Olson, K., & Schmitt, M. (2014). The Companion Village Project: an extension education tool for improving crop production. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education.

Martinson, K.L., Coleman, R.C., Rendahl, A.K., Fang, Z., & McCue, M.E. (2014). Estimation of body weight and development of a body weight score for adult equids using morphometric measurements. Journal of Animal Science, pp.2230-2238.

Meloche, K.J., Kerr, B.J., Billor, N., Shurson, G.C. & Dozier, W.A. (2014). Validation of prediction equations for apparent metabolizable energy of corn distillers dried grains with solubles in broiler chicks. Poultry Science, pp.1428-1439.

Nigon, T.J., Mulla, D.J., Rosen, C.J., Cohen, Y., Alchanatis, V., & Rud, R. (2014). Evaluation of the nitrogen sufficiency index for use with high resolution, broadband aerial imagery in a commercial potato field. Precision Agriculture, pp.202-226.

Scholer, J. & Krischik, V. (2014). Chronic exposure of imidacloprid and clothianidin reduce queen survival, foraging, and nectar storing in colonies of bombus impatiens. PLoS ONE, p.3.

Woli, K.P., Fernández, F.G., Sawyer, J.E., Stamper, J.D., Mengel, D.B., Barker, D.W., & Hanna, M.H. (2014). Agronomic comparison of anhydrous ammonia applied with a high speed-low draft opener and conventional knife injection in corn. Agronomy Journal, pp.881-892.

Yost, M.A., Russelle, M.P., & Coulter, J.A. (2014). Field-specific fertilizer nitrogen requirements for first-year corn following alfalfa. Agronomy Journal, pp.645-658.

Yost, M.A., Morris, T.F., Russelle, M.P., & Coulter, J.A. (2014). Second-year corn after alfalfa often requires no fertilizer nitrogen. Agronomy Journal, pp.659-669.

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Faculty journal appearances

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Congratulations to the following specialists and educators from our Center who have had their work published in the last two months.

Bridges, G.A., Mussard, M.L., Helser, L.A., & Day, M.L. (2014). Comparison of follicular dynamics and hormone concentrations between the 7-day and 5-day CO-Synch + CIDR program in primiparous beef cows. Theriogenology, pp. 632-638.

Chum, H.L., Zhang, Y.M., Hill, J., Tiffany, D.G., Morey, R.V., Eng, A.G., & Haq, Z. (2014). Understanding the evolution of environmental and energy performance of the US corn ethanol industry: evaluation of selected metrics. Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining, pp. 224-240.

Clark, M.D., Schmitz, C.A., Rosyara, U.R., Luby, J.J., & Bradeen, J.M. (2014). A consensus 'Honeycrisp' apple (Malus × domestica) genetic linkage map from three full-sib progeny populations. Tree Genetics & Genomes.

Gunn, P.J., Lemenager, R.P., & Bridges, G.A. (2014). Using corn stover and dried distillers grains with solubles to conserve stockpiled forages and improve reproductive performance and progeny growth in fall-calving beef cows. The Professional Animal Scientist, pp. 215-224.

Hazel, A.R., Heins, B.J., Seykora, A.J., & Hansen, L.B. (2014). Production, fertility, survival, and body measurements of Montbéliarde-sired crossbreds compared with pure Holsteins during their first 5 lactations. Journal of Dairy Science, pp. 2512-2525.

Kaliyan, N., Morey, R.V., Tiffany, D.G.,& Lee, W.F. (2014). Life cycle assessment of a corn stover torrefaction plant integrated with a corn ethanol plant and a coal fired power plant. Biomass and Bioenergy, pp. 92-100.

Kelling, K.A., Rosen, C.J., Stark, J.C., & Essah, S.Y.C. (2014). Proceedings from the 2012 PAA Symposium: potato phosphorus management and utilization for today and tomorrow. American Journal of Potato Research, pp. 119-120.

Kueper, A.M., Blinn, C.R., & Kilgore, M.A. (2014). Preferred timber tract characteristics in the lake states under varying market conditions. Forest Science.

Kueper, A.M., Sagor, E.S., Blinn, C.R., Becker, D.R. (2014). Extension forestry in the United States: master volunteer and other peer-learning programs. Journal of Forestry, pp. 23-31.

Lazarus, W.F., Mulla D.J., & Wall, D. (2014). A spreadsheet planning tool for assisting a state agency with cost-effective watershed scale surface water nitrogen planning. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, pp. 45A-50A.

Li, X., Baidoo, S.K., Li, Y.Z., Shurson, G.C., & Johnston, L.J. (2014). Interactive effects of distillers dried grains with solubles and housing system on reproductive performance and longevity of sows over 3 reproductive cycles. Journal of Animal Science.

Loss, S.R. & Blair, R.B. (2014). Earthworm invasions and the decline of clubmosses (Lycopodium spp.) that enhance nest survival rates of a ground-nesting songbird. Forest Ecology and Management, pp. 64-71.

Olson, J.F., Moon, R.D., Kells, S.A., & Mesce, K.A. (2014). Morphology, ultrastructure and functional role of antennal sensilla in off-host aggregation by the bed bug, Cimex lectularius. Arthropod Structure & Development, pp. 117-122.

Palmer, M., Holm, N., Stern, M., Hathaway, M., Martinson, K., & White, M.E. (2014). Development of a scientific teaching faculty resource site. The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Reiter, B.C., Kamanga-Sollo, E., Pampusch, M.S., White, M.E., & Dayton, W.R. (2014). Epidermal growth factor receptor is required for estradiol-stimulated bovine satellite cell proliferation. Domestic Animal Endocrinology, pp. 48-55.

Rosen, C.J., Kelling, K.A., Stark, J.C., & Porter, G.A. (2014). Optimizing phosphorus fertilizer management in potato production. American Journal of Potato Research, pp. 145-160.

Sagor, E.S., Kueper, A.M., Blinn, C.R., & Becker, D.R. (2014). Extension forestry in the United States: A national review of state-level programs. Journal of Forestry, pp. 15-22.

Wiersma, J.J., Killam, A.S., & Westhoff, J. (2014) A retrofit for plot drills to enable automated seed metering. Crop Science, pp.654-658.

Zamora, D.S., Apostol, K.G., & Wyatt, G.J. (2014). Biomass production and potential ethanol yields of shrub willow hybrids and native willow accessions after a single 3-year harvest cycle on marginal lands in central Minnesota, USA. Agroforestry Systems.

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Faculty journal appearances

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Congratulations to the following faculty (in bold) from our Center who have had their work published since the start of 2014.

Bandrick, M., Ariza-Nieto, C., Baidoo, S.K., & Molitor, T.W. (2014). Colostral antibody-mediated and cell-mediated immunity contributes to innate and antigen-specific immunity in piglets. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, pp. 114-120.

Baker, J.M., Fassbinder, J., & Lamb, J.A. (2014). The impact of corn stover removal on N2O emission and soil respiration: an investigation with automated chambers. BioEnergy Research.

Bjorklund, E.A., Heins, B.J., DiCostanzo, A., & Chester-Jones, H. (2014). Growth, carcass characteristics, and profitability of organic versus conventional dairy beef steers. Journal of Dairy Science, pp. 1817-1827.

Bjorklund, E.A., Heins, B.J., DiCostanzo, A., & Chester-Jones, H. (2014). Fatty acid profiles, meat quality, and sensory attributes of organic versus conventional dairy beef steers. Journal of Dairy Science, pp. 1828-1834.

Casler, M.D. , Undersander, D.J., Papadopolous, Y.A., Bittman, S., Hunt, D., Mathison, R.D., Min, D.H., Robins, J.G., Cherney, J.H., Acharya, S.N., Belesky, D.P., Bowley, S.R., Coulman, B.E., Drapeau, R., Ehlke, N.J., Hall, M.H., Leep, R.H., Michaud, R., Rowsell, J., Shewmaker, G.E., Teutsch, C.D., & Coblentz, W.K. (2014). Sparse-flowering orchardgrass represents an improvement in forage quality during reproductive growth. Crop Science, pp. 421-429.

Johnson, J.M.F., Novak, J.M., Varvel, G.E., Stott, D.E., Osborne, S.L., Karlen, D.L., Lamb, J.A., Baker, J., & Adler, P.R. (2014). Crop residue mass needed to maintain soil organic carbon levels: can it be determined? BioEnergy Research.

Kaiser, D.E., Wiersma, J.J., & Anderson, J.A. (2014). Genotype and environment variation in elemental composition of spring wheat flag leaves. Agronomy Journal, pp. 324-336.

Karlen, D.L., Birrell, S.J., Johnson, J.M.F., Osborne, S.L., Schumacher, T.E., Varvel, G.E., Ferguson, R.B., Novak, J.M., Fredrick, J.R., Baker, J.M., Lamb, J.A., Adler, P.R., Roth, G.W., & Nafziger, E.D. (2014). Multilocation corn stover harvest effects on crop yields and nutrient removal. BioEnergy Research.

Scheffler, J.M., McCann, M.A., Greiner, S.P., Jiang, H., Hanigan, M.D., Bridges, G.A , Lake, S.L., & Gerrard, D.E. (2014). Early metabolic imprinting events increase marbling scores in fed cattle. Journal of Animal Science, pp. 320-324.

Song, R., Chen, C., Johnston, L.J., Kerr, B.J., Weber, T.E., & Shurson, G.C. (2014). Effects of feeding diets containing highly peroxidized distillers dried grains with solubles and increasing vitamin E levels to wean-finish pigs on growth performance, carcass characteristics, and pork fat composition. Journal of Animal Science, pp. 198-210.

Wilson, E.W., Rowntree, S.C., Suhre, J.J., Weidenbenner, N.H., Conley, S.P., Davis, V.M., Diers, B.W., Esker, P.D., Naeve, S.L., Specht, J.E., & Casteel, S.N. (2014). Genetic gain × management interactions in soybean: II. nitrogen utilization. Crop Science, pp. 340-348.

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Recently published

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Congratulations to Gary Hachfeld, David Bau, Rob Holcomb, and Bill Craig, regional educators in Agricultural Business Management, on their February 2013 Journal of Extension article. "Multiple Year Extension Program Outcomes and Impacts Through Evaluation" illustrates how starting a program with the end in mind can provide meaningful and measurable outcomes and impacts across years. Read the article here.

-Tim Arlt, program leader, Ag Business Management and South Local Positions

Diomy Zamora, Charlies Blinn, Dave Chura, Eli Sagor, Larry Coyle, and Grant Domke published an article in the Journal of Extension titled "Converting Face-to-Face Curricula for Online Delivery: Lessons Learned from a Biomass Harvesting Guidelines Curriculum." Read the article.

Journal of Extension publication

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David Wilsey, Julie Miedtke, and Eli Sagor (Forestry) published an article in the Journal of Extension titled "The Minnesota Maple Series: Community-Generated Knowledge Delivered Through an Extension Website." Read the article.

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