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Current Insects: April

Be on the watch for these insects in April

Insects in and around Homes

• Ants

    °  carpenter

    °  cornfield, pavement, pharaoh, yellow, thief, odorous house, field, acrobat

    °  winged ants: carpenter, pavement, yellow, false honey


   °  carpet beetles

   °  lady beetles, multicolored Asian 

   °  larder beetles 

   °  see also stored product insects below

  (True) Bugs

   °  boxelder bugs

   °  hackberry psyllids

   °   western conifer seed bugs


   °  German, brownbanded, American, Oriental

   °  Pennsylvania wood cockroaches (found indoors or outside in wooded areas)


    °  blow flies

    °  cluster flies

   °  fruit flies

   °  fungus gnats

   °  moth flies

   °  phorid flies (also called humpback flies)

•  Springtails

•  Stored product insects

   °  Indianmeal moths

   °  flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles etc.

•  Wasps (including yellowjackets)

•  Non-insect arthropods

   °  spiders  

  °  house centipedes

  °  pseudoscorpions

  °  millipedes

  °  sowbugs 

Insects in Gardens
•  Andrenid bees

•  Common asparagus beetles (first active late April to early May)

•  Iris borers (eggs hatch late April to early May)

•  Root maggots (adults first active late April to early May)

Insects in the Landscape 

•  Clover mites

•  Eastern tent caterpillars (eggs hatch late April to early May)

•  Nightcrawlers

Insects and relatives that bite or sting

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