050406 (Wednesday)

Visitors from Spain

We had a wonderful visit from a crew from Spain today. Gave an overview of our digital initiatives. This entry is part of a demonstration of UThink.

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040717 (Saturday)


Sigh. It is easy not to blog, I find. Too much going on day to day to leave much behind. I'll take yet another stab at it, though. Sorry about the extended silence!

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040319 (Friday)

No time like the present

Well, I had to get rolling some time. I set up Mary's blog a year ago and Alex has been blogging for quite a while. Today a wonderful presentation by Shane about blogs at the university for LLC made it clear that I can't stay on the sidelines. I've been encouraging Shane and the Lab to pursue this course and I do believe blogs are an exciting new tool in the scholarly quiver, but it is time to get my feet wet. So here is a first entry. I wonder if there will be a second.

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