December 8, 2006

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September 29, 2006

Gmail To-Do

I've decided I can't live without Gmail, so I push my UMN account to a gmail account. I also don't like the way UMCAL deals with to-do lists - you can only see them in the web client when you select the one day view. Plus, I always have my mail open, but only keep UMCAL up intermittently. So, I found a nifty little suggestion for using Gmail to keep todo lists. See,1697,1871095,00.asp So far, it's working nicely...

September 25, 2006

Print.css for Libraries Web sites

For folks who didn't pick up on this - I certainly didn't for several months - the default web template for VIS-compliant Libraries web pages sets the CSS media attribute to "screen". The result is that printed versions of the web pages are a mess. You can change it to "all" and then you can print what you see on screen, but for printing purposes you may not want *everything* that you see onscreen.

One solution is to create a print.css. Make it the last CSS you declare in the header and you generate consistent print versions of web pages. The one downside is that if you want a picture of your pages with all the images, but you've excluded images from the print.css, you'll have to use an image capture program. To see the print.css I made for GPL, go to

May 2, 2005

Eudora: Shorter Headers

There was a great article about using email professionally in a recent copy of UMNnews. I highly recommend it for some good ideas about email etiquette in our environment.

Here's a tip that makes it easier to forward politely for those of you using fairly recent versions of Eudora. Eudora tends to include a lot of "headers" in forwarded messages that are distracting and unnecessary. To change Eudora's behavior so that it will only include a minimal set of headers on forwarded messages, read on.

Click on this link to generate a message in Eudora. While in Eudora, hold down your ALT key and click on the "x-eudora" line in that message. A window will appear asking you to click OK. Go ahead and click OK.

You may not see a change of behavior until you quit and restart Eudora, but after that all the extra headers in forwarded messages should be gone. Note that if you want to see some of these headers on messages you receive you can click on the aptly named "Blah, Blah, Blah" button (this is especially useful if you wish to report a message as spam).

Read the article in UMNnews for many other ideas on how to make your messages more concise and effective whether or not you use Eudora.

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April 25, 2005

UMCal: Showing Departments with Names

Have you ever had trouble telling people apart in UMCal? Try looking up Karen Williams some time, there's more than one person with that name here at the U! If you are not seeing people's departmental information as well as their names in UMCal, then here's how to add that information...

  • From the web client: Click on the Preference icon (fourth from the right in that top row), then on the next page make sure the OU2 option is checked, then click OK.
  • From the desktop client: Edit your preferences by choosing the Options item from the Tools menu, go to the General section of the preferences, choose Formatting, then choose Names from this section, then make sure the OU2 choice is checked and click OK.

From now on, when you see names of people invited to meeting, etc., you should see some text after those names, like "Eric Celeste /UL Admin". All Libraries staff should have "UL" in that text, and the departments should roughly correspond to where folks work. Checking the OU2 box was recommended at our Libraries UMCal training last Fall, so I would suggest that everyone who has not made this adjustment to their UMCal configuration go ahead and do this right away.