April 25, 2005

UMCal: Showing Departments with Names

Have you ever had trouble telling people apart in UMCal? Try looking up Karen Williams some time, there's more than one person with that name here at the U! If you are not seeing people's departmental information as well as their names in UMCal, then here's how to add that information...

  • From the web client: Click on the Preference icon (fourth from the right in that top row), then on the next page make sure the OU2 option is checked, then click OK.
  • From the desktop client: Edit your preferences by choosing the Options item from the Tools menu, go to the General section of the preferences, choose Formatting, then choose Names from this section, then make sure the OU2 choice is checked and click OK.

From now on, when you see names of people invited to meeting, etc., you should see some text after those names, like "Eric Celeste /UL Admin". All Libraries staff should have "UL" in that text, and the departments should roughly correspond to where folks work. Checking the OU2 box was recommended at our Libraries UMCal training last Fall, so I would suggest that everyone who has not made this adjustment to their UMCal configuration go ahead and do this right away.

Posted by efc at April 25, 2005 10:25 AM