May 2, 2005

Eudora: Shorter Headers

There was a great article about using email professionally in a recent copy of UMNnews. I highly recommend it for some good ideas about email etiquette in our environment.

Here's a tip that makes it easier to forward politely for those of you using fairly recent versions of Eudora. Eudora tends to include a lot of "headers" in forwarded messages that are distracting and unnecessary. To change Eudora's behavior so that it will only include a minimal set of headers on forwarded messages, read on.

Click on this link to generate a message in Eudora. While in Eudora, hold down your ALT key and click on the "x-eudora" line in that message. A window will appear asking you to click OK. Go ahead and click OK.

You may not see a change of behavior until you quit and restart Eudora, but after that all the extra headers in forwarded messages should be gone. Note that if you want to see some of these headers on messages you receive you can click on the aptly named "Blah, Blah, Blah" button (this is especially useful if you wish to report a message as spam).

Read the article in UMNnews for many other ideas on how to make your messages more concise and effective whether or not you use Eudora.

An apology to those of you who got caught by the mangled email versions of this tip. Something in our list serving software changed the message enough to make the fancy Eudora trick the tip relied on unworkable. I hope the link version above does the trick for you. Don't forget, early version of Eudora will not be able to manage this. Good luck!

Posted by efc at 10:32 AM