September 25, 2006

Print.css for Libraries Web sites

For folks who didn't pick up on this - I certainly didn't for several months - the default web template for VIS-compliant Libraries web pages sets the CSS media attribute to "screen". The result is that printed versions of the web pages are a mess. You can change it to "all" and then you can print what you see on screen, but for printing purposes you may not want *everything* that you see onscreen.

One solution is to create a print.css. Make it the last CSS you declare in the header and you generate consistent print versions of web pages. The one downside is that if you want a picture of your pages with all the images, but you've excluded images from the print.css, you'll have to use an image capture program. To see the print.css I made for GPL, go to

Posted by westx045 at 10:11 AM