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scott griesbach

So the guy i chose is the guy above. Griesbach is a humble man in artist terms in my honest opinion. He is under the opinion that every good idean has already been thought of already. All the ingredients are in existance. All he does.( in his opinion) are antics similar to that of a opinion cartoonist in the paper. He creates a scenario that has a definite stereotypical feel to it. A beautiful scene and without concept it would still be quite a piece of work. But what he does after that is he will take a figure or some sort of act that usually wouldnt belong there and incorporate it. Just like the newspaper.
Though his work is alot more intricate than a news cartoon he will use beautifully powerful cut and paste imagery that will provoke though and emotion. His imagery will/can range from Halocaust pictures, to Edenic scenery that was painted with skill. Some scenes make you wonder what his thought processes are, like his "The Loss of Certainty" You begin pondering what major stereotype you missed that would have made the joke worth it. Im certain if i was smarter i would find it hilarious.
His more serious pieces like "when will you learn?" and " close reading pull the readers attention to a carefull attentive analysis of what could be goin on? Mr. Griesbach does his best to make sure that his message stays as ambiguos but clear as possible. Though you dont know the actual event that occurred the result is always translated.
I think as an artist Scott Griesbach does a successful job of moving art foreward. Desacrilizing certain images, and stereo types so that the box of art get just that much bigger.

To see some of the man's work.