February 6, 2006

my story

so there are quite a few reasons i dont attend church ever. One of which is the fact that if i go anywhere with my brothers, lame jokes will ensue and me disrupting the sermon with incessant girlish laughter and my mother shushing and hitting the entire way. It was my catholic cousin's confirmation, and inbetween having a fun time kneeling on the pews, and the turning them down the third time when they came around with the collection plate, i noticed the beautiful stained glass windows. I told my brother my assignment and immediately we came up with the greatest story ever. "The life and adventures of santa clause." For those of you who dont remember this horribly blocky animation, it may be the darkest adventure santa ever had. The main premise is that santa was raised by a mountain lion, and fairies. Santa is at the end of his mortal life and all the gods of the old world have come to decide his fate. Some want to make him immortal. Like i said santa is raised under "new" circumstances. After some time he has a converstation with his adopted father the pagan horned god about the state of mankind he decides to bring joy and presents to the children of the world. His plan is horribly thwarted by the"Agwas" A race of vile ogres with the capabilities to turn invisible. Clause, fearing for his life, tells the horned god his plight. He in turn askes the "agwas." for mercy and allowing Clause to continue his work. The "Agwas" are furious and threaten to kill Clause within the course of three days. So the Horned god. A.K.A the Great Ak decides to throw down and declares war. What happens next is a war/fight sequence that when i think about it now was actually pretty intense if redone today. It deserves to be remade. And by the by since my early eighties childhood the movie was never shown on tv again.

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