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typefaces and what nots...

I choose baskerville. Why? I don't know. It's early....... so yea, any way, here's the rundown; it is a serif typeface. It was designed in 1757 by John Baskerville (see the connection?) in Birmingham, England (by the by, that is where my brother, who is a student here, is right now). Anywho, Baskerville is classified as a transitional typeface, positionded between the old style typefaces of William Caslon, and the modern styles of Giambattista and Firmin Didot. John had high ideals of perfection and that is what he tried to achieve with this typeface. if you want to know more go to Sorry people but I am tired and don't want to type for much longer.

Now, a little something about me....... Well, since I can't remember what I am supposed to write about, I'm just gonna' start typing. I have been an entertainer most of my life. I'm a junior. I'm not a morning person (for the most part). Love type! but, not so good with words. It's hard for me to describe... HA! that's kind of ironic isn't it! I still have a lot to learn and I am ready..... kind of. Yup, that's about it