March 15, 2005

The front of the house looks mustard yellow in these pictures, but I think it is actually more of a tan color.

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Living Room

Living room during our house inspection.


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Jumping in...

Today is Tuesday, March 15.

Craig and I moved into our new house on March 5, and seem to have everything at least functional. Our new bookcases should have been delivered today.

Tonight I'm coming home, doing dishes (waiting for the dishwasher to be delivered Thursday), making tacos for dinner, and going to fencing. It will be the first night in a while for fencing, so I'll probably be sore tomorrow.

The NCAA men's basketball tournament starts in earnest on Thursday, and I plan on watching the Hawks take on Cincinnati as much as I can. Craig and I will be going to a women's NCAA game on Monday night - hopefully the Gophers will win their first game and we'll see them in the second round.

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