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Volunteering day 1

Monday was my first day volunteering with ACES this semester. I went to Green Central like I did last semester. I was able to find a bus that would get me to within walking distance, so I don't have to carpool this time. It was nice to see some familiar faces of volunteers I met last semester, and some of the students too. I helped Jen with the fourth graders. I must say they were a handful. most of them claimed to have finished their homework, so we put them to work on a nutrition packet provided by ACES. some of them were having fun figuring out the answers, but others had trouble focusing. I tried my best to keep the kids under control, but one of them just could not sit still and work quietly, so Nancy (the team lead) had to have a talk with him in the hall. I feel bad that I wasn't able to help him, but overall I'd have to say I had fun. I think this is going to be a good semester.