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Green Central 3-10-08

I was with the fourth graders again today! we worked on homework to begin, and there was some dificulty with staying focused, but I was able to help one of the kids with his writing assignment. There was a visitor today, I'm not sure if he was a parent or a volunteer, but he was hispanic. this really seemed to be meaningful to the hispanic children, and they worked a lot with him on their "Fish Tales" which is what we were learning about. they were really well behaved when he was around. they probably knew that he could understand whatever they might say, and they also likely just appreciated him coming to help out. they could identify with one another better. I worked with one of the boys who had already written his story, but needed help revising it. I involved him in the correction of his spelling errors, and explained how he could improve some of his sentences by adjusting certain arrangements of words, etc. Finally it came time for the kids to share their fish tales. some of them were very clever, and everyone contributed. the team lead explained to the kids the structure of a story through the elements of plot, while students held up signs labeled with each component. it was a fun exercise, but by this point the kids were getting rather antsy. i acctually left early that day, so I wasn't around for choice time, but I had fun hearing the stories the students had written.