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Green Central 4-14-08

Today I worked with the Exercise and Nutrition group. I met some new kids, and had to become familiar with them and their behavior issues. it didn't take long to figure out who really wanted help with their homework. we worked on some math problems in their workbooks, and I did my best to explain common denomenators. once homework was done, we started working on the nutrition exercise for the day, a worksheet about minerals. the students had to use highliters to mark the key words in the descriptions that explained in what foods each nutrient was found. this required some guidance, but mainly keeping them on task. some finished quickly while others took longer, and were less interested in getting everything right. one of the boys was clearly smart, because he would offer answers rather than try to get me to tell him what it was, but when his buddies would start to distract him, he would goof off. I tried to make it clear that they had to work first, and play later. i think some of these kids just need a positive role model or a little encouragement, and they are going to succeed. ohters seem like they could be harder to get through to. I guess all we can do is keep trying. The beautiful weather today meant that we went outside for choice time. the main activity was soccer. it amazes me how good some of these kids are at soccer, especially compared with how bad some of us volunteers are. it was obvious they had a lot of energy to burn! It was another fun day, and I feel the kids I met have great potential, they just may not see it yet.