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Green Central 4-21-08

Today wasanother beautiful day. we worked on homework in the cafeteria, because there was a special visitor coming. worked on some math again, but with another group of kids this time. they wer apparently 4th graders, but I didn't recognise any of them. there must be lots of 4th graders! anyway, homework went slow, because the boy I was helping didn't have the best english, and he seemed to think he had to do a particular problem in his workbook that required dividion, but claimed he didn't know how to divide. I had to back track to multiplication and explain its relation to division, and draw out all the ways a division problem can be represented. finally he caught on. I think he wanted me to just tell him the answer. don't we all want that! We then went up to the classroom where we met a woman from the raptor center, and a great horned owl named lois. she had a lot of interresting information on owls, and I was amazed how quietly the kids sat and listened for the relatively long presentation. It was my job to make sure they stayed quiet, and didn't get to close to the owl and startle it, as it could potentially harm them. the kids were really engaged, asking questions, and passing around samples of feathers and claws. Choice time was outside again, but this time the boys introduced us to a new form of soccer that they calle knock out. basically everyone was trying to get the ball for themselves and score a goal. if you made it in, you left the field, the last one still on the field at the end lost. boys love competition, i guess that's why they are so into sports, and why ACES focuses on this free time to interact and learn positive lessons from sportsmanship, fair play, and accomplishing set goals. lets just call it fun!