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Green Central 4-28-08

Today I was back with Becca, and the fourth graders. the kids were really inatentive today, unfortunately. Becca had trouble keeping their attention. I probably could have done more to help. we did some homework to start off, as usual. math again. once that was done, I quizzed Julio on his multiplication facts until he got bored, and started coloring a picture of Curious George. Then Becca called us to the center of the classroom to sit in a circle. we were starting a unit on the environment, so she tried to get the kids to tell her what they knew about global warming and the greenhouse effect, etc. they didn't seem very interrested, and David made a lot of distracting noises and snide remarks. he had to go take a break at least three times. Jordan, who was new to the group seemed to like the way David was disrespecting Becca, so he started interupting and disrupting as well. finally, in frustration, Becca tried drawing a picture of the earth and it's atmosphere in an attempt to regain the attention of the students. she made it clear several times that they would lose choice time if she had to drag the lesson out longer because of their interruptions. Once we were done talking about the greenhouse effect, Becca started explaining an expiriment that the students were going to do to learn more about global warming. she instructed them to split into two groups, and gave each group a jar. they put dirt, seeds, and water in the jars. one jar was covered with plastic wrap, the other left uncovered. each jar had a thermometer in it, and Becca explained that the group would be observing the jars for the next couple days to see what changes would occur in each. It sounded pretty interresting to me, but the kids focused on messing with the dirt, making comments on how to separate the groups, etc. Then came choice time, and not a moment to soon! the kids were about ready to explode with energy. due to the cold weather, the activities were Typing, Gym, and DDR. I went with Julio and Julia to Typing, where they played a Typing game on the computers for fifteen minutes before they were allowed to play other games. Julio tried to quit typing early, and I had to tell him he wasn't allowed to yet. Julia would try to open other programs while I had my back turned. I made it clear to her as well what was expected. once their fifteen minutes of typing were up, they started playing a game involving moving a marble through an obstacle cours using the arrow keys. there were many levels, and they seemed to be racing to see who could finish the most levels by the time choice time was over. Julio got frustrated several times, and I tried to help, but sometimes I messed up. His sister came over to do levels for him when he got stuck. It was rather fun to watch. the day came to a close, and when I left the other volunteer with the kids, they were still playing on the computers, waiting for their bus to be called.