October 5, 2004

What a Girl Wants...

I was dining with my friend Jake yesterday, when the subject of dating became part of the main course. I thought my perception of what a man wants in a woman might be skewed (because lately I feel I would have a better chance finding Osama bin Laden, than an interesting male), therefore I thought it was my duty to get some insider information from Jake to see why my stocks were not rising.
So were my perceptions of what a man is looking for a woman off? Not a bit. In fact they are looking for the same thing we are, Except they want more SEX.
Is there a certain height and weight requirement? Yes and no, obesity is not in, but a few pounds overweight is fine. Hair and eye color, or style of dress doesn't matter either. What I learned is important is that men are always looking to get laid, and they will pretty much lay anything. If they are looking for a serious relationship, then they have stricter standards of beauty and personality. These are not my requirements, these are my friendly male's requirements, which he believes is the basic standards for "meeting chicks."
During the after dinnner cocktail I was further informed that men will boast about their accomplishments and even lie to get laid. Okay now I know men do this, I just didn't know that Jake did. So ladies if you ever go to Sally's and meet a hot strapping young buck named Jake, he really doesn't drive a beamer.

Posted by egan0056 at October 5, 2004 9:02 PM