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Serial groping suspect nabbed at the U

Sources (in order):
Police Chief Greg Hestness
Lynn Wondergem - student
Lt. Nancy Dunlap, head of the Minneapolis police department's sex crime unit
police department
Betsy Sandberg - student

The quotes are scattered throughout the article for the most part, but are used to really start and end the story on a stronger note as well.

The quotes were not all just “official�type statements, there were also personal statements that added a human element to the article.

The quotes from the two female students gave the reader a sense of how the event was affecting the community.

For the most part, the author followed the “noun/ pronoun before the said� rule we learned in class. I think when he didn't follow the rule it was to add variety to the structure or to make the sentence more clear.

I thought the article's use of attributions worked well, but I wouldn't have put quotes from two female students in the article. The were not victims or witnesses so whatever they have to say can't be too important to the story. I think one quote from a general female student would have been enough to capture the community-feel.