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Body Discovered Entombed in Ice in Abandoned Warehouse

A man's body was found frozen in a block of ice by kids playing hockey in and old warehouse in Detroit.

WXYZ Detroit Action News reported that a friend of one of the players called to tip off Detroit News reporter Charlie LeDuff after learning of the body 15 feet down an elevator shaft.

The kids who discovered the man were afraid to call police because they were trespassing.

LeDuff investigated the tip himself Tuesday evening, and upon finding the man's legs and feet sticking out of the ice called police. LeDuff was not able to get anyone to investigate he scene until Wednesday night.

After two hours, firefighters were able to release the body from the ice using ladders, saws and other tools.. Officers say the man was likely in the shaft for months. The basement was flooded and froze once winter hit, trapping the body in ice.

Even though the body is exhumed, police don't know the cause of death. Police say the man's death may have been accidental, but are still not ruling out homicide.

The building where the body was found was once owned by the Detroit Public School System and used to store textbooks and supplies. The building has been long abandoned.

Some controversy may be developing regarding the number of people, including the trespassing hockey players, several homeless people taking shelter in the building, a police officer and others, who where aware of the body and the time it took for authorities to respond.