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News Lead

Star Tribune

St. Paul man killed during holdup; 3 men arrested
Lead- "The three men who gunned down Jeffery Lamont Logan during a botched robbery in St. Paul early Saturday could have just asked for the money."

This lead contains the news elements/ values:

IMMEDIACY-"early Saturday"
CONFLICT-"Gunned down... botched robbery"
EMOTIONS- This lead is trying to get the reader emotionally involved with the story, or at least giving this lead an emotional twist rather than sticking to straight, hard-news methods.

Who- Three men, Jeffery Lamont Logan
What-"gunned down... durring a botched robbery"
When-early Saturday
Where-St. Paul

I think the reporter used something other than the normal hard-news lead because they wanted to invoke the readers emotions. The man who was killed was kind-hearted and had a big impact on his family, friends and community. I think the reporter wanted to capture and convey the emotions of this story.

This unconventional lead also is more likely to capture the reader's attention because it is not the norm. It makes the reader curious to hear the rest of the story, and thus more likely to read on.