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Recycling of toxic ship will create much-needed jobs

A ship constructed with toxic substances is due to arrive in northeast England for recycling Sunday after being turned away from at least three other countries.

The British ship recycling company, Able Ship Recycling, had to apply for special permission from the country's Environmental Agency and Health and Safety Executive to process the ship.

Scrapping the aircraft carrier will create about 200 jobs at the company's Teesside Environmental Reclamation and Recycling Centre.

Able chairman and chief executive Peter Stephenson said the contract was “crucially important... at a time when there are so many economic problems facing the world – and especially a region such as the north-east of England.?

The French Navy has spent years searching for a site that would deconstruct the former aircraft carrier Clemenceau, known now as Q790, CNN.com said.

Greenpeace activists boarded the ship in 2006 to prevent it from being sent to India and scrapped. The environmental group said that the ship contained “high levels of asbestos and other hazardous materials?.

Then-President Jacques Chirac of France recalled the ship after the country's Council of State ruled its export could violate European law and Greenpeace declared “victory?, the group said.

The ship had previously been rejected Turkey and Greece after the original plan to use the ship to create an artifici