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Spot news analysis

More charges against alleged U groper Feb. 11 10:28 a.m.
Suspected U groper faces more charges Feb.11 7:02 p.m.

First lead
A Minneapolis man accused of groping two University of Minnesota female students faces new charges today in seven other incidents, bringing to nine the total for which he has been charged.

Follow lead
The man accused of groping female University of Minnesota students was charged Wednesday with an additional seven incidents, bringing the number of alleged victims to nine.

The leads don't differ very much. I think the follow lead was maybe meant to appear in Thursday's paper so that's why the date was added. (I found these articles on StarTribune.com)

How are they summarized- The follow's main news is that Acosta appeared in court, didn't enter a plea and when he will next appear in court. The first-day story (morning news) puts the most recent news (new charges) in the lead while the rest of the story is a summary of the events of his arrest and attacks. It seems that the reporter knew that Acosta was facing new charges but did not know the details. The follow seems to be a more complete story about the recent goings-on and also tells a more complete past, present, future kind of story.

The follow adds detail about the court appearance and the charges and jail time he faces. It also talks about Acosta's motives.

The follow is written by the same person for the same paper, so the style is consistent and it flows smoothly from the first to the second story. I think if it was written in a competing paper, there would be more information and it would probably be punchier to attract readers.