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March 29, 2009


Barbra Lukermann

In the obituary for Barbra Lukermann, her daughter is used as a source. I thought that it was interesting that there were no other sources used in the article, even though she was a prominent person in the community and had a lot of connections with organizations and programs. I think this obit could have really benefited from a quote from a colleague or student as well as a relative. It would have showed another aspect of her life.

The lead is a typical news lead, but I think something more creative could have worked well with this piece. There was a lot of interesting information to work with.

I think the lead as well as lacking another source may be due to not having enough time since I would think Lukermann would be easy to cover and find contacts.

The obituary is not like a resume. The reporter did talk about her career achievements, but also gave it a more casual and personal feel. The reporter also gave personal background information about where se was born, why she became interested in geography and how she ended up in the United States. The article also talked about the places she traveled and her family.

So a bobcat walks into a bar...

Patrons in an Arizona bar jumped on top of their barstools when a bobcat wondered into the establishment on Monday.

The bobcat wounded three people. One woman was scratched after she thought she had hit the animal with her car. Two men were injured by the cat inside the Chapparal Bar in Cottonwood.

It was not clear how seriously the victims had been injured, MSNBC.com said.

Officers were called to the scene and found the bobcat in the parking lot of the bar.

The bobcat was shot and killed, according to MSNBC.com, and tests were ordered to determine if the animal was rabid.

22 dead after soccer stampede

At least 22 are dead and 132 are injured after a stampede at a World Cup qualifying soccer match in the Ivory Coast on Sunday.

Interior Minister Desire Tagro said thats fans pushed against each other to get into the arena shortly before the game between Ivory Coast and Malami. The pushing started a panic that led to the stampede.

The Star Tribune reported that an Associated Press photographer said people were shoving each other 40 minutes before the game started. Police fired tear gas into one section of the crowd.

Reporter Ollo Kambire said that a wall collapsed from the force of the shoving crowds and people started to fall, causing panic and a stampede.

This is not the first stampede at a crowded African stadium. Security forces and badly equipped and greatly outnumbered, the Star Tribune reported.

8 dead after nursing home shooting

Eight people are dead after a lone gunman opened fire in a North Carolina nursing home Sunday morning.

Authorities said that Robert Stewart, 45, killed seven patients, one nurse and wounded three others at Pinelake Health and Rehab in Carthage.

One of the wounded was a police officer who confronted Stewart in a hallway and stopped the attack.

Officer Justin Garner, 25, was wounded in his leg while exchanging gunfire and wounding Stewart.

Garner has been treated and released, according to CNN.com.

Moore County District Attorney Maureen Krueger charged Stewart with eight counts of first-degree murder and a single charge of felony assault of a law enforcement officer Sunday afternoon MSNBC.com reported.

Authorites have not commented on a motive, but Stewart's ex-wife said he had been reaching out lately to family members, telling them he had cancer and was preparing for a long trip.

Stewart was not a patient or an employee at the nursing home, according to authorities, and isn't believed to be related to any of the victims.

Flooding continues as storm approaches

The Red River Valley is still battling the flood waters even though many Moorhead and Fargo residents believe it has crested.

The Star Tribune reported that the river was under 40 feet for the first time in three days on Sunday.

The National Weather Service predicts that the river will slowly decrease in height, and expects it to be below 38 feet on April 5.

Despite the urged evacuation, some residents have stayed behind to help monitor levees and pumps.

The National Guard was brought in over the weekend to help monitor the pumps, the Minnesota Daily reported.

Officials urges evacuated residents to stay where they were, citing strong winds and a potential snow storm

Fargo suffered a major loss when a permanent dike built around a private school was was breached on Sunday.

Oak Grove President Bruce Messelt said the levee did not seem to be damaged, but the river, moving at a velocity of 12 to16 miles per hour, underlined the dike.

Though the school buildings were damaged, contingency dikes built behind the school held, and the neighborhood was protected.

Officials in Moorhead said that all the dikes are 43 feet high, and that work is being done to construct secondary levees.

Lend a Hand, Hear the Band's performer still a mystery

The student organization Lend a Hand, Hear the Band is wrapping up its final negotiations with the band, and are looking forward to the concert that will be held on April 16.

Even though this is the third year of the group, it is running behind its usual schedule.

According to the Minnesota Daily, Lend a Hand, Hear the Band is a Minnesota Student Association volunteer program where students volunteer 10 hours of community service to receive a concert ticket to see a band chosen by the organization's committee.

The committee lists bands that are popular with students and also fit within the organization's budget. The committee then works with agents to negotiate a contract with the band that will play.

This year, Lend a Hand, Hear the Band has about $60,000 to cover expenses. They set aside about $21,000 for the program while the Office of the President gave $23,000. The rest of the budget was raised through corporate sponsorships and applying for grants, MSA Vice President Trisha Thompson said.

In past years, students got to attend concerts from the bands Guster and The Hold Steady.

The bands had been announced by this time in the past, but the organization is still in the final stages of negotiations and would not reveal this year's band.