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Flooding continues as storm approaches

The Red River Valley is still battling the flood waters even though many Moorhead and Fargo residents believe it has crested.

The Star Tribune reported that the river was under 40 feet for the first time in three days on Sunday.

The National Weather Service predicts that the river will slowly decrease in height, and expects it to be below 38 feet on April 5.

Despite the urged evacuation, some residents have stayed behind to help monitor levees and pumps.

The National Guard was brought in over the weekend to help monitor the pumps, the Minnesota Daily reported.

Officials urges evacuated residents to stay where they were, citing strong winds and a potential snow storm

Fargo suffered a major loss when a permanent dike built around a private school was was breached on Sunday.

Oak Grove President Bruce Messelt said the levee did not seem to be damaged, but the river, moving at a velocity of 12 to16 miles per hour, underlined the dike.

Though the school buildings were damaged, contingency dikes built behind the school held, and the neighborhood was protected.

Officials in Moorhead said that all the dikes are 43 feet high, and that work is being done to construct secondary levees.