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Barbra Lukermann

In the obituary for Barbra Lukermann, her daughter is used as a source. I thought that it was interesting that there were no other sources used in the article, even though she was a prominent person in the community and had a lot of connections with organizations and programs. I think this obit could have really benefited from a quote from a colleague or student as well as a relative. It would have showed another aspect of her life.

The lead is a typical news lead, but I think something more creative could have worked well with this piece. There was a lot of interesting information to work with.

I think the lead as well as lacking another source may be due to not having enough time since I would think Lukermann would be easy to cover and find contacts.

The obituary is not like a resume. The reporter did talk about her career achievements, but also gave it a more casual and personal feel. The reporter also gave personal background information about where se was born, why she became interested in geography and how she ended up in the United States. The article also talked about the places she traveled and her family.