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Communication technology convergence?

Guards at the Danilio Pineiro prison in Brazil have discovered pigeons smuggling in cell phone parts to inmates.

The guards noticed a pigeon sitting on an electrical wire with a small bag tired to of its legs. After luring th bird with some food, th guards grabbed th bird and discovered parts of a cell phone in its pouch.

One day later, another pigeon was seen dragging a bag inside the prison's exercise yard. Once caught, guards discovered the cell phone's charger.

MSNBC.com reported that the pigeons were apparently raised inside the prison, smuggled out, outfitted with the cell phone parts and then released to fly back.

An investigator said that pigeons instinctively fly back home.

Police have not discovered who is sending th pigeons or who was intended to receive them.

Brazilian gang leaders inside prisons have used smuggled cell phones to plan and exicute drug deals, kidnappings and bank robberies.