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Possible program changes for the University of Minnsota

Minnesota is one of three schools that will be considering a new way to evaluate college degrees that is common in other countries.

The program is a process of “tuning” that will put more emphasis on the skills learned rather than on the courses taken, the Minnesota Daily reports.

The program is called Tuning USA, and is an initiative from th Lumina Foundation for Education.

Minnesota will consider re-examining standards in graphic design and biology programs, both programs at the University of Minnesota.

Director of the Lumina Program Kevin Corcoran said th “tuning” can help students know what they can expect to learn before going into a program.

Corcoran also said the tuning would help employers know what skills potential employees should have after their schooling.

No decisions about making changes have been made until Lumina determines how much interest there is in the program.

According to the Luminia Foundation, the tuning is common in other countries across Europe, and at least 145 universities in European countries have tuned their programs over the last year.