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University of Minnesota undergrad admission highest ever

The number of undergraduate applicants for fall 2009 is the highest in the history of the University of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Daily reported that there has been a 16 percent increase in applications to the university, which is both good and bad.

With more applicants, the university will have to turn down more applications. The jump in the percent also makes next year's freshman class size more difficult to predict.

University Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education Robert McMaster said that the university uses a formula based on historical trends of how many people reject the university after they have been accepted to determine how many students to accept.

But because the economic crisis, students are applying to more colleges, and that makes it harder to predict acceptance rates, Director of Administrations Wayne Sigler said.

There are only 5,350 spots for students. If the freshman class is less than 5,350, the university will lose money, administrators said, which is already facing economic problems.

However, it is more likely that there will be an influx of students, which could strain the university's resources.

McMaster expects that the university will arrive close to their goal, and will have an accurate estimate of next year's freshman class around May.

This is the sixth straight year the university has broken application records.