Analysis: Multimedia options in health care summit story

BBC News and Politico used similar styles when presenting multimedia to the audience reading the story about the health care summit.

Both had the basic story talking about the summit, and they enhanced it with multimedia.

The BBC News article featured the story along with video of parts of the summit, as well as pictures with captions, and quotes enlarged off to the side from analysts who watched the summit.

The Politico article was more straight writing. It had the story and video of parts of the speech. There were no pictures of it in the story, though on the front page, it had several large pictures as it was the feature article for the day.

Both articles' multimedia helped add to the news story by adding another dimension. You weren't just reading about the summit - you could see what they said and the context of it, see the layout in the pictures, etc.

The video obviously didn't have writing in it - it was speeches given from politicians. The pictures in the BBC News article did add to the dimension and context of the story, helping give it more character.

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