Analysis: Updates in story about baby killed by dog

The Star Tribune and WCCO stories about the baby being killed by the dog had a few minor, but interesting difference in detail.

The WCCO story was last updated on Friday shortly after police announced that the death had happened. It mostly talked about the event as the police describe, plus a little bit of information on the breed of the dog taken from the Humane Society.

The lead for WCCO reads like breaking news, while the Star Tribune article leads much more into the story.

The Star Tribune article was updated later in the day and includes quite a bit more information.

The article gives the news and adds more human emotions into the story, incorporating several quotes, details about the dog and the family, interviews with neighbors, and even a quote and information from a website that is specifically about supposedly vicious dogs.

While the stories both gave the need-to-know information, they did it in two similar, but different, ways.

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