Minnesota lawmaker proposes Metrodome sale

Rep. Paul Kohl has proposed selling the Metrodome to the Minnesota Vikings for $1 in a new bill Thursday to keep them in the Twin Cities.

The Republican state representative believes this will help keep the team in the state, said the Star Tribune. "Let's give it to the Vikings and let them do what they want with it," he said in a statement. "The stadium has long been paid for."

The Pioneer Press reports that Kohl is opposed to use taxpayer money to subsidize a sports team's stadium.

The proposal, said the Pioneer Press, would give the Vikings ownership of the stadium and allow them to collect full proceeds from tickets and concessions. Currently, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, a government agency who owns the stadium, takes in about 85 percent of profits from concessions.

However the move proposal is not supported by everyone, the Pioneer Press reported.

"The Metrodome no longer works in sports economics or for our fans' gameday experience," Vice President of the Vikings, Lester Bagley, said. "We need to build a new facility to secure the long term future of the Vikings in Minnesota. This doesn't get us there."

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