Pawlenty talks of possible lottery money for Viking's stadium

Gov. Tim Pawlenty has suggested that lottery money could be used to help publicly finance a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday.

The Pioneer Press reported that Pawlenty talked of creating a new lottery to generate up to $12 million per year for the Viking's stadium on Minnesota Public Radio.

Pawlenty said the lottery could be tied in with a larger funding package that could supply the $29 million to $42 million needed annually for the team, reported the Star Tribune.

Several other proposals have been put on the table, including capturing increased property taxes and the income taxes of players in order to help fund the stadium.

Not everyone supports the proposals though. Former House Minority Leader Marty Seifert opposes the government giving money for the stadium.

If 3M wanted a new plant, asked Seifert, would Minnesota "do a 3M lottery game?" Seifert said that "It's always easy to get the government to try to pay for things." He also said that the state is bankrupt.

The Pioneer Press reported that the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, the owner of the Metrodome, has put the current new stadium proposal at a price of $870 million.

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