Republicans and Democrats spar at summit

Republicans and Democrats clashed at a health care summit called by President Obama Thursday.

The summit was called by Obama to find a compromise on the sticking points between proposals by the two parties and lasted around seven hours, Politico said.

Obama invited 40 congressional members to come to the Blair House, the official state guest house, with hopes to save a health care bill that has been debated since last summer, said BBC News.

The summit was mostly partisan clashing with both sides reiterating their talking points, BBC News said.

Republicans repeatedly proposed scrapping the entire bill and starting over again, Politico said, while Democrats emphasized the need to pass a bill that millions of uninsured Americans are waiting for.

One of the most contentious points came when Obama sparred with Sen. John McCain, who he ran against in the 2008 elections, said Politico.

"We're not campaigning anymore, John," Obama said. "The election is over now."

"I'm reminded of that every day," McCain replied.

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