House passes health care reform

The House of Representatives passed the controversial health care reform bill amid protests Sunday night.

The bill, which passed 219 to 212, saw sweeping opposition from Republicans and several Democrats also defected to vote no, reported BBC News.

The reforms shake up the health care industry, providing coverage to 32 million now-uninsured Americans, allowing young people to stay on their parents' insurance until age 26, disallowing denying people for pre-existing conditions, and a whole host of other changes, said the Associated Press.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the reforms honored America's traditions. "We will be joining those who established Social Security, Medicare and now, tonight, healthcare for all Americans," she said, reported BBC News.

Despite the bill being passed, many legislatures are unhappy. Republicans promise to make health care a major issue in the 2010 elections, according to the Associated Press.

A scandal broke out during debate shortly before the vote, said Politico. Representative Randy Neugebauer of Texas broke House decorum when he shouted during pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak's speech, saying, "It's a baby killer!"

The bill has been sent to the President to be signed, though changes are expected to made in the coming days and months, said BBC News.

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