Coal mine explosion kills 25

A coal mine in West Virginia exploded, killing at least 25.

The explosion, which occurred due to improperly vented methane gas, was the deadliest underground disaster in 25 years, the Associated Press said.

The company that owns the mine is reported to have an abysmal safety record, having several evacuations in the mine for dangerous levels of methane, which indicates that the explosion may have been preventable, the New York Times said.

A search continues for four miners who may still be alive in the mine, the Associated Press said. Airtight chambers are scattered throughout the mine that provide food, water, and oxygen for four days, where the miners might have taken refuge.

While chances for their survival are slim, Gov. Joe Manchin held out hope. "I don't want to give anybody any false hope, but by golly, if I'm on that side of the table, and that's my father or my brother or my uncle or my cousins, I'm going to have hope."

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