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Alleged burglar kills one, injures another

One woman was killed and her husband injured in a St. Paul shooting early Sunday.

A burglar allegedly entered the house at the 1700 block of West Minnehaha Avenue and shot the two around 6:30 a.m., WCCO said.

The woman, Heidi Firkus, was dead at the scene, while her husband, Nicholas Firkus, was taken to Regions Hospital, the Star Tribune said.

Police investigating believe the incident was a stranger-on-stranger crime, though at this time, little evidence points to a burglary or sign of struggle, though they continue to investigate, the Star Tribune said.

Six dead in Cambridge car crash

Six people were killed in a head-on car crash near Cambridge early Sunday.

A 16-year-old girl, identified by a relative as Sabrina Schumacher, who received her license this month, was driving a car that collided head-on with an SUV, killing all four passengers in Schumacher's car and two inside the SUV, the Star Tribune said.

The accident, which occurred at around 2:40 a.m., was hours past midnight - the latest a minor can be driving, WCCO said.

The SUV burst into flames following the crash, severely burning two of the occupants, WCCO said.

Schumacher could face criminal charges for the accident, said the Star Tribune.

North Dakota ELCA synod votes down resolution against gays

The Eastern North Dakota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America voted against a resolution that expressed a disagreement with the national church's stance on sexuality.

In a vote of 249-179, the resolution was voted down, said the Pioneer Press.

The ELCA's national stance has been criticized as betraying scripture since the assembly voted to make homosexuality more acceptable in the eyes of the church, the Fargo Forum said.

Even if the vote passed, it would not have made any actual changes, the Fargo Forum said. It would only express a desire to see change.

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Shoreview woman charged with having girlfriend beaten

A Shoreview woman has been charged with paying to have her girlfriend beaten in Wisconsin.

Dianna M. Siveny, 50, was charged Friday with solicitation of substantial battery, said the Pioneer Press.

Siveny's girlfriend, Lara Plamann, was found dead in 2007, but nobody has been charged with her murder, the Green Bay Press Gazette said.

Siveny was arrested after interviews in 2008 with a man who said Siveny paid him $300 and told him to beat her with a bat and "rearrange her face", though he says he did not follow through, said the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Siveny is currently being held in Ramsey County pending extradition to Wisconsin, the Pioneer Press said.

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Woman survives train collision

A woman whose car was rear-ended by a train near Wadena, Minn., survived the incident with no major injuries Saturday.

The Otter Tail County's sheriff's office said the 28-year-old woman was struck from behind by a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train while she was driving alone at 4:30 a.m., the Associated Press said.

The train crew said they saw the car and applied their brakes, but a collision was unavoidable, said the Fergus Falls Daily Journal.

The car was severely damaged, making firefighters ply the woman out. She was taken to the hospital, but released following an evaluation, said the Associated Press.

Web site for Eden Prairie High School faces hacker attack

Eden Prairie High School shut down its Web site following a hacker attack Sunday.

The attack included putting a video on the website, as well as a picture of a Turkish flag and a handgun, the Star Tribune said.

The attack was not solely focused on the high school, affecting over 100 websites worldwide, said WCCO.

No private information was stolen from the site or other school databases, WCCO said.

The Web site will remain shut down until the problem has been resolved, said the Star Tribune.

Police kill two pit bulls

Police in St. Paul killed two pit bulls on the 200 block of Stinson Boulevard after they attacked two people.

The police were responding to a call and were forced to kill the two dogs that were reported to be running around the neighborhood free, KARE11 said.

Both of the victims were taken to Regions Hospital. One suffered multiple bite wounds to the foot and the other has a less severe bite to the leg, the Star Tribune said.

A large number of people were reported to be outside, and fearing for people's safety when the animals continued to be aggressive, officers were forced to put the animals down, said the Star Tribune.

Central Corridor negotiations become heated

Negotiations between the Metropolitan Council and the University of Minnesota have become more heated than ever, with the Met Council's chairman saying the university has cost taxpayers at least $1 million.

The latest negotiations about the 11-mile light rail line that will pass through the University of Minnesota collapsed and have made a judge force mediations between the two, the Pioneer Press said.

The Met Council wants a temporary easement from the university to do construction on roads that will be near the light rail line on Washington Avenue to help ease traffic when rail construction begins on the East Bank campus, the Star Tribune said.

The university has said it will not agree to easements until guarantees on remedies for noise impact on nearby research equipment is set in stone, said the Star Tribune.

The roadwork was contracted for $3 million, but unless it is executed before April 27, the contract is voided and may cost taxpayers up to $1 million more, plus an addition $40 million due to delays, the Star Tribune said.

Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak expressed frustration at the university, the Pioneer Press said.

"Like virtually every other partner involved in the Central Corridor, I am fed up with the U. We are not siting a nuclear reactor here," he said.

Mistrial declared in case of infant's death

A hung jury has caused a judge to declare a mistrial in the death of a 9-week-old infant Saturday night.

Judge M. Michael Monahan decided that after nearly 15 hours of deliberation, the trial needed to come to an end, the Associated Press said.

Louis Jones was on trial for second-degree murder of Rhania Jones, a 9-week-old infant who had the same name but was not biologically related, who died of nonaccidental abusive head trauma, said the Star Tribune.

The defense and prosecution meet Monday with the judge to determine what to do next, the Star Tribune said.

Minnesota company has student loan information stolen

A Minnesota-based company has had 3.3 million college student's information stolen from their headquarters during the weekend.

The theft at Educational Credit Management Corp., is believed by the Department of Education to be the largest student information thefts in history, accounting for about 5 percent of all students with federally-backed loans, the Star Tribune said.

Students' names, addresses, dates of birth, and social security numbers were stolen, but no personal banking information was stolen, said Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ.

"We are doing everything we can to protect the borrowers in this case," Paul Kelash, spokesman for Educational Credit Management Corp. said.

Those who have had their information stolen will receive one year of credit monitoring and identity theft insurance, MPR NewsQ said.

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