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Manhunt in California for former LAPD officer suspected in three murders

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The Los Angeles police department is searching for a disgruntled ex- officer who is accused of killing a police officer and two others on Thursday.
LAPD have identified 33-year-old Christopher Dorner as the target of a major manhunt in California after he shot and killed a police officer and two others in Riverside, Calif. Dorner is also wanted for questioning regarding last weekend's shooting deaths of his lawyer's daughter and her fiancé in Irvine, Calif., said The Lede Blog.
Dorner's recent crimes are a fueled by his desire to "reclaim my name," Dorner said in what is being described as a manifesto on his Facebook page, reported the Associated Press. Dorner was fired from the LAPD in 2008 after he reported another officer for using excessive force in an arrest of a mentally ill suspect, said the Associated Press.
In his manifesto, which has been removed from Facebook, Dorner describes his rationale for the crimes he has already committed and his plans for future murders of police officers and their families, said The Lede Blog.
The police have tracked Dorner's pick-up truck to White Bear Lake where they found it burned and abandoned, said the Associated Press.
Law enforcement said they have issued guards to protect those targeted in Dorner's manifesto and are continuing to pursue him.

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