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Star Tribune lead analysis

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A man in his 30s and an elderly woman whose vehicle plunged through the ice of a channel on the east side of Lake Minnetonka have died, authorities said Sunday.
This is the lead for the Star Tribune article about a car accident at Lake Minnetonka. I think that this lead address the four "W's" that we discussed in class as being necessary for a solid hard-news lead. The "who" is descriptive, a man in his 30s and an elderly woman, but isn't so specific that it provides names. The "what" is addressed when the crash is described as the car plunging through the ice. The "where" is stated as Lake Minnetonka and the location is narrowed down more specifically later in the article. The "when" is Sunday and the timeframe of the 911 call and rescue times are clarified later in the article as well.

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Good job on this first week of blogging. Keep it up. GG

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