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Puppy stolen from a Shakopee pet shop

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A 9-week-old puppy was stolen from a Shakopee pet shop Monday morning, WCCO said.

A man wearing a gray cap asked took a multicolored long haired Chihuahua from the Petland in Shakopee around 11 a.m. Monday, the Star Tribune said.

The man said he hadn't had a dog since he was young and just wanted to see the puppy, according to store employees. Within minutes, the man snatched up the puppy and rode away in a blue Volkswagen Passat with Minnesota license plates 768BDA, the Star Tribune reported.

The owners, Heather and Jeff Latko, expressed concern for the Chihuahua's welfare as the puppy has been having trouble keeping weight on and need veterinary attention, WCCO said.

There is a microchip inside the puppy's body that when scanned will indicate that the dog is stolen, Jeff Latko said. The microchip along with the description of the getaway car, and surveillance footage leave the Latkos confident that the puppy will be found, the Star Tribune said.

This is the third pet-knapping from the Shakopee Petland store in the last five years, Heather Latko said.

Multimedia Analysis

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For my analysis, I looked at the story about an expectant couple who died in a car crash but their baby survived on CNN and the New York Times website. Both stories included pictures and hyperlinks appropriate to the story. Also I noticed that both articles had a related content section with links to other similar stories as well as options to share the article on various social media sites. The CNN article included video clips of their television coverage of the story which I felt really added depth to the story if the reader wants to watch it. The CNN story also had a highlights section where it listed the main ideas of the story in a bulleted list. The New York Times story had updates and corrections listed at the bottom as this was a recent incident, and new information was coming out.

Man shot in the leg at Minneapolis club

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A 27-year-old man was shot in the leg at a downtown Minneapolis club early Sunday, the Pioneer Press said.

The man was shot around 2 a.m. at Augie's Bourbon Street Cabaret as he was exiting the restroom, the Star Tribune said.

The gun-shot victim was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment of his injuries which were not life threatening, police Sgt. William Palmer said.

One other person was hospitalized for injuries sustained when fleeing the club when the gun was fired, the Star Tribune said.

Police believe there is no danger to the public, Palmer said.

According to the Pioneer Press, no one has been arrested, and the investigation of the incident is ongoing.

Child cured of HIV contracted at birth

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A two-year-old Mississippi child has been "functionally cured" of HIV that had been contracted at birth, according to doctors.

University of Mississippi doctors said that early detection and treatment of the virus was crucial to the successful outcome, along with the medications that were prescribed, CNN said.

Doctors say the patient is expected to live a full normal life with no dependence on medication and a low chance of being infectious to others, the Guardian said.

The infant, whose identity has not been released for their protection, contracted the virus from its mother who received no prenatal care, The Guardian said.

According to CNN, information regarding the case was released on Sunday at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Atlanta.

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