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Analysis- Using Data

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For my analysis, I looked at a story published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution called "Cheating Our Children" about suspicious test scores in school districts in 49 U.S. states. The story talks about the fact that the data analysis does not directly prove cheating, but that it does reveal some troubling patterns within U.S. schools. The article includes an interactive map of the U.S. which you can search by five different categories that the article chose to analyze. You also have the option to go to a list of the school districts included in the results of the analysis to see if a specific district fell into one of the categories. In order to produce this story, the reporter needed to be able to interpret the data set themselves, or find someone who can analyze the data for them. At that point, the reporter had to decide how to best represent the information in a way readers can understand. So the reported also needed to know how to use the pinning function to put little pins on a map so that when a reader hovered over one of the pins, the text bubble would pop up with more details about that district.

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