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Multimedia Analysis

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For my analysis, I looked at the story about an expectant couple who died in a car crash but their baby survived on CNN and the New York Times website. Both stories included pictures and hyperlinks appropriate to the story. Also I noticed that both articles had a related content section with links to other similar stories as well as options to share the article on various social media sites. The CNN article included video clips of their television coverage of the story which I felt really added depth to the story if the reader wants to watch it. The CNN story also had a highlights section where it listed the main ideas of the story in a bulleted list. The New York Times story had updates and corrections listed at the bottom as this was a recent incident, and new information was coming out.

New York Times- Spot Follow Analysis

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The New York Times article about a crash that injured fans at a NASCAR race in Daytona was edited and updated within the time that I wrote my blog entry, which was probably the span of an hour! The lead of the story changed from the simple fact that fans had been injured by debris from an accident on the track, to being a story about how the crash has prompted discussion on necessary safety measures. The structure of the story switched around as more details on the injured fans became available as well as more commentary by those in the industry concerning track safety. Instead of talking about how the crash happened right after discussing the injured fans, the updated version discusses safety related deaths at NASCAR races and what the organization has done to prevent deadly accidents. This story advances the news by talking about how the racing world is responding to the event and what they would like to see done in response to make the sport safer.

MPR Analysis- Structure

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The MPR article about St. Thomas' new president had a good flow and was easy to follow. The journalist started with a lead that was general, yet specific enough to let you know what the story was going to be about. The second paragraph went into greater detail and gave the woman's name, age, and more background information on her and her appointment. The subsequent paragraphs explain why she was chosen and what the new president plans on doing during her tenure. This type of organization reflected the "fact block" style of writing we have discussed in class, making summarization of the information much easier to understand and read. There is a good mixture of direct quotes from the woman herself and other St. Thomas faculty and summarized fact blocks. I thought this was a thorough and well-written article.

Attribution Analysis: Star Tribune

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In the Star Tribune article about the water main break in St. Paul, there were 2 sources that were cited. The first were the "officials" assumed to be police and the utility workers who responded. The second was Rick Larkin, the city's director of emergency management. The article used the officials as the source more towards the beginning of the article, and used many direct quotes from Larkin towards the end of the article. The attribution used in this article is very effective for explaining the story. I thought the quotes from Larkin rounded out the story and provided some more explanation as to how the situation was being handled.

Star Tribune lead analysis

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A man in his 30s and an elderly woman whose vehicle plunged through the ice of a channel on the east side of Lake Minnetonka have died, authorities said Sunday.
This is the lead for the Star Tribune article about a car accident at Lake Minnetonka. I think that this lead address the four "W's" that we discussed in class as being necessary for a solid hard-news lead. The "who" is descriptive, a man in his 30s and an elderly woman, but isn't so specific that it provides names. The "what" is addressed when the crash is described as the car plunging through the ice. The "where" is stated as Lake Minnetonka and the location is narrowed down more specifically later in the article. The "when" is Sunday and the timeframe of the 911 call and rescue times are clarified later in the article as well.

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