Heroin deaths on the rise in Minnesota

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Widespread heroin use in Minnesota has caused heroin-related deaths to skyrocket in recent years.

From 2010 to 2011, Hennepin County increased from eight heroin overdoses to 21. Anoka County rose from five to 13, and Ramsey County from three to 12, the Pioneer Press reported.

Hastings has a seemingly higher problem than other cities in the state, with six arrests for heroin of the 22,100 population, compared with eight arrests out of Burnsville's 60,300 residents and seven of Eagan's 64,200 residents, the Pioneer Press said.

The Star Tribune reports that heroin in the Twin Cities has been shown to be some of the strongest in the nation. Some of the heroin sold is up to 99 percent pure, compared with the national purity of 60 percent.

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Liz: I'm glad to see you are getting the entries done. It appears as if you're an early riser! It would be best for you to space these out through the week. I'd like to encourage your engagement with the news on a daily basis. Don't forget to do the analysis entries as well. G.G.

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