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Numbers analysis

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Star Tribune article about CityTarget

This article uses numbers to compare Target's customers with that of other retailers, to describe the amount of space in an area to the reader, and to describe the customers to the reader.

The numbers were overwhelming when the article was describing how large the stores were. The article says how large a normal big box store is and compared the size of the new Targets to that, but it is still not something I was really able to understand. The reporter could have also given an example of the smaller range to compare with the larger numbers.

When talking about the customers, the reporter gave median ages and incomes, and explained how the ages compared with other stores to make it easier for the reader to understand.

The source of the numbers is unclear.

Analysis of multimedia options

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The Star Tribune and Pioneer Press both utilize multimedia options to compliment their news stories. Both use mostly photos and videos to do so.

Both organizations use slideshows with captions to let their photos stand alone, and both use photos in their stories to highlight parts of their stories. The Pioneer Press has shorter captions for its photos, which provide less background information and do not do as much storytelling. The Star Tribune has much more comprehensive captions, especially in their slideshows, and those captions contain much more background and detail on the news the photos are related to.

Both organizations' captions use concise writing without superfluous information to weigh down the caption. The reader gets a sense of the story but isn't stuck reading the entire news article the photograph compliments in order to get the information.

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