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Police have released the identity of a man killed in a parking rap at the Mall of America, the Pioneer Press reported.

Raheem Aaron Waheed, the 52-year-old man killed in the accident, was driving a U-Haul truck that was too tall for the parking ramp when the truck hit a support beam. The beam fell and crushed the cab of the truck, the Star Tribune reported.

Two other people in the truck were injured but not killed in the accident, according to the Star Tribune.

A 4-year-old boy has been hospitalized after he fell from a third-story apartment building Sunday morning, the Star Tribune reported.

The boy fell out of the window after pushing the screen out, the Pioneer Press reported.

The incident is considered an accident but is still being investigated, Chief Correy Farniok told the Star Tribune.

Jane Doe in Anoka County identified

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A woman in the Anoka County Jail known only as Jane Doe has been identified as Tammy Antoinette Thomas, according to the Pioneer Press.

Thomas has been charged with identity theft, theft and trespassing, the Star Tribune reported.

The name came from fingerprints and a Texas arrest, the Pioneer Press reported.

1 dead and 4 injured in a possible arson

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One person died and four others were injured in a house fire in Minneapolis Saturday, the Star Tribune reported.

The house was 112 years old and was being rented by a family for a year, according to the Star Tribune report. The house next door was also damaged by the fire, which burned two stories of the house.

The house is being investigated for signs of arson, according to a report from MPR.

A man has been charged in the deaths of his three daughters Thursday, the Pioneer Press reported.

Aaron Schaffhausen, the girls' father and their mother's ex-husband, reportedly called his ex-wife Jessica Schafffhausen to tell her he killed the girls while she was gone, the Star Tribune reported.

The three girls, ages 5, 8 and 11, were found by police in their beds with their necks slit, the Pioneer Press reported.

shortly after his phone call, Aason Schaffhausen appeared at the police station in River Falls, where he was arrested, the Pioneer Press reported.

He has refused to give large answers in the matter, instead replying to questions in court with "yes" and "no" and asking his public defender to speak for him, according to the Star Tribune.

A St. Louis County man is recovering from Minnesota's first confirmed case of West Nile virus this year, the Pioneer Press reported.

The man traveled to south-central Minnesota where he was bitten by an infected mosquito, the Pioneer Press reported.

Experts say this year may be an ideal year for mosquitoes which carry the virus, the Star Tribune reported. The species that carries West Nile thrives when there are "wet springs and hot, dry summers."

The last year there was a large number of cases reported in the state was 2007, when 101 cases were reported. The number of cases has't been larger than 9 since 2008, where there were 10 reported cases, the Star Tribune reported.

Two teenage boys were arrested Friday for the death of 5-year-old Nizzel George in North Minneapolis, the Star Tribune reports.

The boy was shot once in the back on Tuesday in his grandmother's house and died soon after, according to the Star Tribune.

One of the teens was arrested on suspicion of murder and the other on suspicion of weapons possession, the Pioneer Press reported.

George's is the second death by shooting of young children in six months in the community, the Pioneer Press reported.

Minnesota man not extradited from England

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A man who was charged in Eagan and Bloomington, Minn. with second- and third-degree sexual conduct felonies will not be extradited from England, the Pioneer Press reported.

The man, Shawn Eugene Sullivan, was charged of sexually assaulting two girls in 1993 and raping another the next year. Sullivan fled to Ireland before prosecutors officially filed charges, the Pioneer Press reported. In Ireland, he was convicted of another two assaults on young girls.

Britain's High Court stopped the extradition process Thursday when the U.S. failed to show Sullivan wouldn't be placed in a "draconian" civil commitment program, the Star Tribune reported.

The program allows a person to be committed for "sex offender treatment" if a judge deems them "sexually psychopathic or sexually dangerous" the Star Tribune reported. Only two people in the program have ever been released, with one taken back into custody soon after.

Duluth Zoo flooded

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Lake Superior Zoo flooded, and a polar bear and two seals are being kept at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

Lake Superior Zoo, which flooded in 2010, was devastated by massive flooding in Duluth Wednesday.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is calling for charges of animal cruelty to be brought against the zoo, the Pioneer Press reports.

At least 13 animals died in the flood.

Same-sex marriage bill funding

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Minnesotans United for All Families has raised over $3 million so far this year in opposition to the proposed bill to ban same-sex marriage in the state.

The organization supporting the bill, Minnesota for Marriage, has raise $1.4 million so far this year, the Star Tribune reports.

Minnesota for Marriage has not released any statistics on the people who donated, but Minnesotans United for All Families has posted a list of over 19,000 donors, the Pioneer Press reported.

One plan for the money received is to use it toward ad campaigns. Minnesotans United for All Families has already reserved advertising time for the three weeks before the election.

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