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Former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Walter Mondale, and other politicians honored Hubert H. Humphrey at the unveiling of a memorial in his name on the State Capitol grounds in St. Paul Saturday, the Star Tribune reported.

Humphrey, who served on the U.S. Senate, as the U.S. vice president, and the mayor of Minneapolis, was an inspiration some of the political figures present at the unveiling. Clinton grew up watching the tape of a pivotal speech by Humphrey, MPR reported. Mondale said he considered Humphrey a mentor, according to the Star Tribune.

Mars rover scheduled to land, on autopilot

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The Curiosity, the most high-tech rover from NASA, will be attempting a landing on the surface of Mars, the Star Tribune reported.

The rover, which weighs almost a ton, needed a different way to land from previous Mars rovers, according to the Star Tribune. Instead of airbags surrounding the rover, the Curiosity will land via braking similar to a space shuttle, a parachute to slow it down, and lowering the rover from cables into a crater.

The rover is set to land in a crater with a 3-mile-high mountain in the middle, the Pioneer Press reported. Images of the mountain, called Mount Sharp, suggest the lower layers of the mountain have signs of water in them.

Minnesotans United for All Families is attempting to reach voters as time winds down before the Minnesota marriage amendment is voted on in November, according to MPR.

Minnesota for Marriage, the group supporting the amendment which would limit marriage in Minnesota to being between "a man and a woman," says it will not be marking the 100-day period, MPR reported.

The fight is also being held in the Minnesota Supreme Court, where Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's chosen title for the amendment is being called into question, the Star Tribune reported.

Backlash over Chick-fil-A

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Chick-fil-A has announced its opposition to same-sex marriage and is receiving backlash over it, the Star Tribune reported.

The president of the company, Dan Cathy, told the Baptist Press that the company backs "the biblical definition of a family," according to the Star Tribune.

Boston's mayor has blocked a store from opening in the area, and the Jim Henson Co. pulled their toys from the company, according to MPR.

Four states will vote on same-sex marriage issues November, the New York Times reported.

Voters in Maryland, Maine, and Washington will be voting on initiatives to allow same-sex marriage or to repeal previous bans, The New York Times said. Minnesota is the only state of the four voting on a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

The initiatives come in a voting year where more young people are likely to vote. President Barack Obama has recently declared his support for the G.L.B.T. community, and the administration has had a large presence at Pride parades and festivals across the country in order to secure votes from the community, The New York Times reported.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that judges must decide if a juvenile is sentenced to life without parole on a case-by-case basis, the Star Tribune reported.

The ruling was voted in 5-4 "along ideological lines," according the the Star Tribune.

The ruling does not outlaw all life without parole sentences for juveniles, but invalidates all state laws that made those sentences mandatory for homicide, the New York Times reported.

The decision was made based on scientific research that suggests children are much more likely to change and be rehabilitated than adults, the New York Times said.

Heroin deaths on the rise in Minnesota

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Widespread heroin use in Minnesota has caused heroin-related deaths to skyrocket in recent years.

From 2010 to 2011, Hennepin County increased from eight heroin overdoses to 21. Anoka County rose from five to 13, and Ramsey County from three to 12, the Pioneer Press reported.

Hastings has a seemingly higher problem than other cities in the state, with six arrests for heroin of the 22,100 population, compared with eight arrests out of Burnsville's 60,300 residents and seven of Eagan's 64,200 residents, the Pioneer Press said.

The Star Tribune reports that heroin in the Twin Cities has been shown to be some of the strongest in the nation. Some of the heroin sold is up to 99 percent pure, compared with the national purity of 60 percent.

An Oregon man contracted the plague when he tried to take a dead rodent away from a cat, and was in critical condition as of Friday.

The man was one of five people who have contracted the plague in Oregon since 1995, the Star Tribune said.

The Star Tribune reports that cats are used to control rodent populations in rural areas. The bacteria that causes the plague is kept alive in rodent populations, as the populations survive the bacteria.

The Oregon man was not the first human to have the plague in 2012, the Associated Press reports.

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