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Canadian man dies days after taser shock

Taser stun-guns may need to be examined, and quickly. A Canadian man died Saturday, four days after police tasered him for acting "erratically" in a store, police said.

Robert Knipstrom, 36, became the third person to die in the past few weeks in Canada after being shocked by a taser.

Knipstrom was conscious and speaking when he was taken to the hospital, police said.
Inspector Brendan Fitzpatrick said it has not yet been determined what role the taser, if any, had on Knipstron's death.

However, investigations into his death have been launched by the British Columbia Coroner's Office and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to figure out what exactly happened.

While officially it cannot be said that the taser killed Knipstrom, maybe this will make police look at alternatives to using such a strong weapon on people who are causing trouble but not putting other's lives in danger.