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April 24, 2008

Cataloging AILRC Collection

The UMD Library has begun to add the books in the American Indian Learning Resource Center to the online catalog. The first cartload of over 100 books was returned to the AILRC on April 21.

The AILRC provides supportive services to American Indian and Alaskan Native students with the goal of recruiting and retaining American Indians and Alaskan Natives and enhancing their educational experiences.

We hope that adding their books to our catalog will offer more access to their resources and compliment the services the Center provides.

Deb Johnson

April 10, 2008

DCL Project

UMD Library has recently launched a new collaborative venture with the School of Fine Arts to enhance classroom teaching with digital images. Virginia Jenkins, chair of the Art Department, first brought to the Library’s attention a digital content library (DCL) created by the College of Liberal Arts and College of Design at the Twin Cities, and would like to take advantage of DCL for faculty in her department. The Library sees it as a good integration of library expertise into academic teaching and is ready to venture into a new mode of collaboration with teaching faculty. As a pilot project, Shixing Wen, head of Library Technical Services, worked with Arden Weaver, Associate Dean of School of Fine Arts, to create a collection of Glensheen images, uploaded them to DCL at Twin Cities, and created associated metadada to describe each digital image and facilitate searching. The images in DCL can be viewed in three sizes: thumbnail images (150 pixels wide) for the whole world to see, small images (500 pixels) for students and staff with X500 usernames to use, and large images (1280 pixels) for faculty to project to screens in the classroom. You are invited to do a key word search of “glensheen? at: http://dcl.umn.edu/

Shixing Wen
Head of Technical services

1st Shipment to MLAC

Technical Services sent the first 2008 shipment of 877 books, part of the weeding project, to MLAC (Minnesota Library Access Center) on March 28, 2008.

The books were pulled from the shelves. Their Aleph item and holdings records were changed. Then books were boxed and loaded on to a pallet at the Kirby Loading Dock.

While they are in transit their status is "In- process". When they arrive at MLAC, the Item Process Status will be changed by MLAC staff.

As a matter of fact, when I visited MLAC last week, Tim McCluske told me that our books had just arrived. He gave me a tour of MLAC and showed me where our books will be: Row 7 in the main cavern. My regret is that I didn’t shoot a picture. Otherwise you could “see? our books there in your mind’s eye.

Thanks, Ellen and Brenda, for facilitating the weeding project!

Shixing Wen
Head of Technical Services

Retrospective Conversion of Tweed Museum Collection

To promote the usage of the book collection at the Tweed Museum of Art and to enable online searching, Technical Services started cataloging books in Tweed in June 2007 and completed the retrospective conversion of about 3,023 books by January 2008.

The Tweed Museum Collection includes books on types of art, art history, biographies of artists, museum catalogs, auction catalogs, and books about the subjects represented in artwork.

Now the Tweed holdings appear in the Library Catalog, and books can be used in Tweed but do not circulate. The Tweed Reading-room itself will be rearranged slightly to better show off the collection. We will be adding to the collection regularly as new gifts and purchases arrive.

Take a peek at:

Thanks, Deb, for the coordination of and major contribution to this worthy project! And my thanks also goes to Marilyn, Brenda, and Pat for their contributions to the completion of the project!

Shixing Wen
Head of Technical Services

April 1, 2008

News about Doreen

Doreen Hansen co-wrote a paper appearing in Michigan Botanist, December 2007, Vol. 46, pp. 80-86, entitled “Noteworthy Collections.? She worked with two people at UMD, Dr. David Schimpf, Associate Professor of Biology, and Deborah Pomroy, Assistant Scientist, after finding and identifying a new invasive plant in Duluth called “Sedum Aizoon.? Evidently this plant escaped cultivation and is spreading in the Piedmont Heights area, in both wooded areas and in lawns. It had only been recorded in Massachusetts and in a few parts of Canada prior to this discovery. GPS measurements were taken and specimens have been added to the Olga Lakela Herbarium here at UMD.