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DCL Project

UMD Library has recently launched a new collaborative venture with the School of Fine Arts to enhance classroom teaching with digital images. Virginia Jenkins, chair of the Art Department, first brought to the Library’s attention a digital content library (DCL) created by the College of Liberal Arts and College of Design at the Twin Cities, and would like to take advantage of DCL for faculty in her department. The Library sees it as a good integration of library expertise into academic teaching and is ready to venture into a new mode of collaboration with teaching faculty. As a pilot project, Shixing Wen, head of Library Technical Services, worked with Arden Weaver, Associate Dean of School of Fine Arts, to create a collection of Glensheen images, uploaded them to DCL at Twin Cities, and created associated metadada to describe each digital image and facilitate searching. The images in DCL can be viewed in three sizes: thumbnail images (150 pixels wide) for the whole world to see, small images (500 pixels) for students and staff with X500 usernames to use, and large images (1280 pixels) for faculty to project to screens in the classroom. You are invited to do a key word search of “glensheen? at: http://dcl.umn.edu/

Shixing Wen
Head of Technical services