December 4, 2007

Film Festival Tonight!!!!!

Tonight at 7pm there will be a showing of the videos that were entered in the library's video contest. There were two videos submitted. That's not many, but what they lack in number they make up for in awesomeness, as you will see if you attend. We will be announcing the awards and discussing what to do differently or the same for next Fall.

Here is the link:

7pm in the Library Rotunda, tonight.

Submitted by Rory

September 24, 2007

Why are we serving coffee in the Library?

September 24-28 is UMD's Homecoming Week and the Library is celebrating!

The Library has entered the decorating contest. Our theme is "Hot Coffee for Hot Dawgs". A coffee and conversation area has been set up in the main lobby of the library where we will be serving a pot or two of hot coffee each morning.

The judging takes place on Thursday, September 27. All staff are encouraged to participate by wearing UMD or maroon and gold apparel, especially on Thursday.

Any additional ideas or suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to forward them to any member of the Homecoming Decorating Committee. Members are: Brenda Bonnema, Jodi Carlson, Mary Carlson, Heather McLean, Sue Trettel, Victoria Vang, and Pat Zierke.

The Multi-Media Hub is also celebrating Homecoming Week with beverages and decorations.

Submitted by Heather McLean

June 4, 2007

UMD Library to host "Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country" Exhibit

The UMD Library is one of 23 libraries selected to participate in the upcoming "Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country" exhibit and tour. "Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country" is a traveling exhibit based upon a larger exhibition of the same name developed by the Newberry Library, Chicago. The exhibit will give public audiences the opportunity to explore and to discuss the Corps of Discovery, its encounters with Native Americans between 1804 and 1806, and the impact of those encounters on American history during the next two centuries. The exhibit travels to tribal centers, public and academic libraries.

The "Lewis and Clark" exhibit and tour have been developed by the Newberry Library, Chicago, and the American Library Association Public Programs Office. Funding for the traveling exhibition comes from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The exhibition will tour from November 2007 through Spring 2011. The exhibit itinerary will be announced mid-June.

Liz Benson Johnson submitted the application for the traveling exhibition. She received assistance from Wendy Wennberg, former Duluth Public Library Programs and Events Coordinator, and Pat Maus, Curator of the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center.